City Council News

City Council Updates 4/27/16

April 27, 2016
The City Council met April 13th, and a number of important laws were passed and introduced. Some highlights include: 
  • An ordinance co-sponsored by Alderman Laurino passed allowing non-commercial vans and pick-up trucks to park on residential streets. Consequently, owners of these vans and pick-up trucks will not have to come into Alderman Laurino's office to obtain a special permit. The ordinance becomes effective next month on May 18th.
  • Dwight Curtis was named to the Community Development Commission. Mr. Curtis is Vice-Chairman of Labelmaster located in our ward and the President of his local business association. In his new role Dwight will be instrumental in shaping development throughout the City.
  • Eddie Johnson was named the new Police Superintendent. I have heard great things about the new Superintendent and look forward to working with him on reducing crime in our ward.
  • An ordinance amendment was introduced by Alderman Laurino to lift the packaged goods moratorium on Elston Avenue, from Kentucky to Cicero, to allow Seafood City to sell alcohol in its new store at 5033 N. Elston.