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City Council Update 9/28/16

September 28, 2016

The City Council at its last meeting voted to institute a new tax on water and sewer. The tax secures the retirement of thousands of public servants and puts the City of Chicago on the path to financial stability. For single family dwellings the average monthly tax currently for water consumption is about $48. Once the tax is implemented, the $48/per month bill will rise to $52/month. The rate increases on a graduated basis over the next four years. So by 2020, the $48/month will rise $16/month for a total of $64/month. For multi-family dwellings the bill rises from $78/month to $84/month in 2017 and rises to $104/month by 2020. For commercial properties, the bill rises from $102/month today to $109/month in 2017 and then increases to $135/month by 2020.