City Council News

City Council Update 4/10/2017

April 10, 2017

The Mayor introduced an ordinance establishing the Municipal Identification Card Program. This card can be used as an official form of identification in the City. There are still details to be worked out including how to obtain an identification card and the start date of this program. We will provide additional information when it becomes available.      

Alderman Laurino co-sponsored an ordinance creating school loading zones. This legislation creates a category of loading zone just for schools and day care facilities for dropping off and picking up children. This will allow for greater safety for our children when they are entering or leaving schools and day cares. Alderman Laurino committed to protecting the safety of our most vulnerable residents, including children.       

The City Council passed a resolution condemning any actions that deprive Arab Americans and Muslims of their constitutional rights including bars to entering the country and registration of any ethnic group. Alderman Laurino enthusiastically supports this resolution and the rights of all citizens in this country, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.