City Council News

City Council Update June 2017

July 5, 2017

At the most recent City Council meeting, two measures co-sponsored by Alderman Laurino passed. Her resolution provides for a public comment period at City Council meetings.

Starting with the City Council meeting of July 28, at the beginning of each City Council meeting there would be thirty minutes for individuals to speak about issues before the City Council. Each speaker will have up to three minutes.   

The City Council also enacted an ordinance improving regulation of massage parlors. This ordinance should reduce human trafficking and other illegal activity at massage parlors.   An ordinance co-sponsored by Alderman Laurino was introduced  that would establish contemporary zoning regulations for the 760-acre North Branch Industrial Corridor, create two new funding streams to support industrial development across the city, and expand the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund to promote additional investment in South and West side commercial corridors.