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City Council Update 11/21/2017

November 21, 2017

City Council Update

In light of recent news at the national and local levels, Alderman Laurino introduced an ordinance requiring annual sexual harassment training for all city employees, including elected officials, similar to the mandatory ethics training currently required, at the November 8 City Council meeting. The ordinance would also establish fines for not completing this training. More information in this story from NBC 5.

At the November 21 City Council meeting, the City's annual budget for 2018 was approved. Next year's budget includes funding for more police officers and more city services, as was noted previously when Mayor Emanuel visited the 39th Ward to announce 5 more rodent patrol crews and 10,000 new black garbage carts for 2018. The Civic Federation, a non-partisan, non-profit government research organization, issued their analysis in support of next year's budget because "it continues to work toward stabilizing the City’s finances, puts its four pension funds on a path toward solvency and works to incorporate short-term capital expenses into the operating budget rather than funding them through borrowing."

Also at the November 21 Council meeting, a resolution sponsored by Alderman Laurino was approved. The resolution submits the following question to Chicago voters in the March 20, 2018 general primary election: “Should Governor Rauner act to protect the 650,000 Illinois residents who obtained health insurance through the Affordable Care Act by supporting legislation amending the Illinois Insurance Code to preserve important benefits like pediatric services and maternity care, and by investing in outreach campaigns to encourage residents to sign up for health insurance?”

Finally, Alderman Laurino signed on as a co-sponsor to a resolution calling on  the leadership of Chicago Public Schools and Head of Special Education at Chicago Public Schools to testify before the Council on the state of special education programming and funding at CPS.