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City Council Update April 23, 2018

April 23, 2018

Last week at City Council, Alderman Laurino passed and introduced a number of ordinances and resolutions, including the following:      

  1. The ordinance making it the City's policy not to tolerate sexual harassment passed City Council. Alderman Laurino sponsored this legislation, which was co-sponsored by, among others, all the other female aldermen and the City Clerk.    
  2. A resolution Alderman Laurino sponsored also passed congratulating Sauganash Elementary for winning 7th/8th Grade City Girls Basketball championship.    
  3. Alderman Laurino co-sponsored with Alderman Burke an ordinance allowing first responders to enter locked vehicles to rescue children. This resolution is parallel to one recently enacted to break into cars for abandoned pets. The resolution she co-sponsored with Alderman Burke calling for hearings on this issue was re-referred.     
  4. Alderman Laurino was one of several co-sponsors of an ordinance that prohibits City contractors from entering into employment agreements containing a provision requiring arbitration of sexual harassment claims. Such a provision may be included at the request of the individual, but cannot be mandated by the employer. The purpose of this ordinance is to not allow sexual harassers to hide in private arbitration proceedings, but instead have their transgressions addressed in public court proceedings.    
  5. The Alderman was also one of many co-sponsors of an ordinance creating an Office of Labor Standards. This office would enforce City requirements such as the City's minimum wage rules and sick leave ordinance.    
  6. She also co-sponsored a resolution calling for hearings to publicize the City's new LGBT Health Databook and discuss how to respond to the findings in that report.

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