City Council Updates 2/10/16

The City Council met February 10th, and a number of important laws were passed and introduced. Some highlights include: 
  1. The City Council approved a measure to combine the offices of the City of Chicago Inspector General and the Legislative Inspector General. This gives the Inspector General full authority to investigate ethical and legal violations by Aldermen and their staff. Although not every change to the ordinance sought by every Alderman was approved at this past City Council meeting, the approved changes create significant improvement over the previous version of the ordinance. These changes ensure that the Inspector General's office charged with oversight of the City's legislative branch has the authority to do so, and is once again occupied after months of vacancy.
  2. Alderman Laurino co-sponsored a domestic violence amendment that protects a business from losing its license as being the site of inappropriate activity just because it reports a domestic violence incident. This technical amendment encourages reporting of domestic violence in situations where a business owner may otherwise be discouraged from doing so.
  3. Alderman Laurino also co-sponsored Alderman Hopkin's "legacy businesses" ordinance. The ordinance provides grants to long-time businesses that lease their facilities, as well as grants to the landlords, as relief to rising property taxes. This revenue neutral ordinance is for businesses that are vital parts of a neighborhood, and in part define it.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for March 16th, at 10amIf you can't make it to City Hall to see a City Council meeting in person, you can watch the meeting live on your computer via the Chicago City Clerk's website.

Thursday, February 25, 2016