2007 Senior of the Year

September 26, 2007

When you see Sauganash resident, Theresa Leavitt walking her dog,
Brandy III, tell her congratulations! She is the newest 39th Ward
resident inducted in the City of Chicago's Senior Hall of Fame.
A lifelong Chicago resident, Theresa Leavitt was a pioneering
businesswoman at a time few women worked outside of their homes. In
1946, she opened her first beauty shop on the west side of Chicago;
twenty five years later she moved the shop to the northwest side of
Chicago. For the past 61 years, Theresa has worked as a beautician, and
at the age of 82, she continues to work 3 days a week.
When she turned 75, Theresa searched for a way to serve her
community and its residents and found it by becoming a Eucharistic
Minister from her parish, Queen of All Saints. On her days off from her
job, Theresa devotes a considerable amount of time each week visiting
shut-ins and nursing home residents. For residents of Peterson Nursing
Home, Theresa's compassion and smiling face is the highlight of their
week. Theresa takes the time to talk to them and engage them in games
and activities. Many of the nursing home residents have no visitors.
Often, Theresa's visit provides the only companionship they receive.
Theresa leads an exemplary life, a life that has been full of
service and dedication to her community, her parish, and her city. She
epitomizes the spirit of the Senior Hall of Fame awards and is an
inspiration to all who know her. Her commitment to the people in her
community is genuine and special.
Theresa Leavitt has dedicated her life to others, without fanfare or
accolades. The Senior Hall of Fame recognition honors Theresa's
selfless contributions to her neighbors and her community.