2006 Senior of the Year

December 17, 2006

Pinhas Zaid, known by his friends as Pinky, grew up in Israel
playing soccer and became a professional soccer player. At the young
age of 21, Pinky fought in the War of Independence which began in May
of 1948, and ended with Israel's Independence early in 1949. Soon after
he traveled to the United States in 1953 to play soccer, and chose to
stay in Chicago. In Chicago, he played for the Chicago All-Stars,
Hakoah, Evanston, and the Norwegian-Americans. He scored the winning
goal when his team, the Norwegian-Americans, clinched the Chicago
National Soccer League championship in 1963.
Pinky made his living in Chicago as a skilled automobile mechanic
for 20 years. In 1972 he was honored with a "Best of the Best" award
from Ford Motor Company for being the top mechanic at the dealership.
In 1980, Pinky opened his own car repair shop on the southside. His
customers revered him as the "King of the Southside", and continued to
call him after he retired for advice.
In 1970 Pinky began volunteering at the Congregation Shaare Tikvah,
and has since continued to be a vital part of the Congregation. Seymour
Simon (former Chicago Alderman and Illinois Supreme Court Justice) once
referred to Pinky as the "mainstay of Congregation Shaare Tikvah" and a
"pillar of the community."
In June of 1978, Pinky was honored as the "Man of the Month" at
Shaare Tikvah for his hard work and dedication to the Congregation.
Today Pinky is an active member of the Congregation Shaare Tikvah, and
has been for over 35 years. Currently, he is the program chairman at
Shaare Tikvah, and for the past several years brought the Israeli
Scouts (a group consisting of 17 year old boys and girls) who entertain
all over the United States.
Pinky Zaid is known by his community as the "Mayor of Kimball
Avenue" because of his tireless effort to keep the streets clean and
crime-free. Because of Pinky's dedication to Hollywood Park, this
community is a safe and beautiful place to live. We are grateful for
his continued commitment to the 39th Ward. We are truly honored to call
him a friend.