New Police Station: 17th District Grand Opening

December 14, 2006

Mayor Richard M. Daley today unveiled the new Albany Park (17th
District) Police Station -- a state-of-the-art facility designed to
address the needs of 21st century law enforcement.
The $15 million station, located at 4650 N. Pulaski Ave., was built
by the Public Building Commission of Chicago, which is chaired by Mayor
The new 42,000-square-foot facility is more than twice the size of
the existing 17th District station at 4461 N. Pulaski Rd., which was
built in 1938. The new facility is a modern state-of-the-art police
station that was built to help meet the needs of the community as well
as the challenges of contemporary law enforcement.
"Police do much more than simply walk a beat," said Mayor Daley.
"Now they must also fight Internet cyber crimes, such as identity
theft, and deal with ongoing problems of illegal guns, organized gangs
and illicit drugs. That is why we are strongly committed to providing
the best facilities that enable our police force to do their jobs more
efficiently to better serve the residents of Chicago."
Joining the Mayor were Chicago Police Superintendent Phil Cline,
Executive Director Montel Gayles of the Public Building Commission,
Ald. Margaret Laurino (39th Ward) and various local officials.
The new 17th District police station offers features that add to the
Chicago Police Department's technology initiatives essential in crime
reduction, as well as the department's commitment to community policing.
"By investing in these types of capital improvements-police
stations, new parks, libraries, and firehouses-we are creating strong
neighborhood anchors that contribute to community pride and improve the
quality of life for our residents," said Mayor Daley.
Station features include:

  • A new computerized command center and video bonding system
    will allow for detainees to appear before a judge via a fiber optics
  • High-tech roll call rooms enhance presentations during briefing and training sessions.
  • A community meeting room will promote neighborhood involvement.
  • A fitness room and updated locker room facilities will help meet the needs of the police department's changing workforce.

The police station is the eighth new district police station built
under Mayor Daley's Neighborhoods Alive 21 program, which includes
firehouses and police stations. Nearly twenty police and fire stations
will be replaced under this ambitious program, officials said.