Flooding in Albany Park

September 16, 2008

September 19, 2008
Last weekend's weather brought a record rainfall to Chicago, and the Albany Park Community was the hardest hit area in the city.  Residents on blocks adjacent to the Chicago River were evacuated from their homes and offered temporary shelter at North Park Village.
I spent much of the week with residents and the city and volunteer crews. I want to thank everyone who pitched in and helped during the flooding.
Mayor Daley, Senator Durbin, and Congressman Emanuel joined me on a tour of the area and offered whatever resources and assistance they could provide. The Governor has declared the Albany Park community a disaster area and we're waiting for the federal government to determine damages and relief for residents.
In the meanwhile, I recommend that residents document any flooding issues they encounter. Keep receipts, take pictures, call our office  - all documentation will be invaluable when filing flood claims.  File claims with your insurance company, even if you do not have flood insurance.
If you need assistance, please contact my office (773-736-5594),  3-1-1 or 312-743-INFO.  To stay informed about federal relief, please sign up for my e-mail newsletter, on the left side of this website.  I will send out information as it becomes available.