City Council Passes TIF Sunshine Ordinance

April 22, 2009

City Council Passes TIF Sunshine Ordinance
The TIF Sunshine Ordinance passed Chairman Margaret Laurino's Committee on Economic, Capital, and Technology Development and the full City Council on April 22, 2009. Chairman Laurino's revised ordinance requires that the city's Department of Community Development post detailed information about each of the city's tax increment finance (TIF) districts on their website by July 30, 2009.
"Although media accounts would lead people to think this was a controversial measure, passage of this ordinance was never in doubt," said Chairman Laurino. "Most of this information is currently available online, but it is often difficult to locate. The new site will present information about TIFs in an easily accessible and comprehensive format."
For the past several weeks, staff from the Department of Community Development worked diligently to develop a prototype for the new site. Many thanks to them, as well as Chairman Laurino's Committee staff and the staff from the Committee on Finance, for their hard work and dedication to allow the City Council to move this ordinance forward.