Update on Storm Damage

August 3, 2015


Gusty winds, severe lightning storms, hail, and periods of intense rain over the last 24 hours has resulted in widespread damage throughout much of the 39th Ward and the entire region. In response, crews have been working through the night in order to get a handle on the devastation left behind in the wake of the storm. I have also been in regular communication with our network of first responders, Streets and Sanitation, the Department of Water Management, and ComEd on making sure every available resource is being brought to bear.

Here’s some updates:

• ComEd is reporting multiple outages throughout the Northwest Side of Chicago. As of this morning, an estimated 2,000 residents remain without power. Downed power lines, fallen trees and debris have also left many of our neighborhood streets impassable. In some neighborhoods, there have been reports of significant damage to homes, businesses, and automobiles.

• We’ve seen many incidents of broken branches in trees, as well as dangling tree branches. Please do not try to remove these yourself. Please contact the 39th Ward Office at 39th Ward Service Office directly at or (773) 736-5594.

• In an effort to bolster the recovery effort, crews from the Department of Streets and Sanitation are being temporarily diverted, therefore Monday’s residential refuse collection may be delayed. Residents with curbside pickup are encouraged to keep their black carts out for collection.

• Those residents who have seen their home severely impacted are strongly encouraged to file a report with the City’s 311 system or by contacting the 39th Ward Service Office.

• For large piles of tree debris or damaged household items resulting from the storm, please call the 39th Ward Office or 311 and submit a request a bulk pickup. Large tree limbs hanging in the public way should also be reported immediately so that crews from the Department of Forestry can respond accordingly.

• If you are concerned for the safety and well being of a neighbor, particularly those individuals who are elderly and/or live alone, please alert my office so that we can send a representative out to check in and offer assistance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we respond to this weather emergency.