39th Ward Storm Damage Update

August 5, 2015


39th Ward Storm Damage Update


It has been less than 72 hours since a series of violent storms ripped through the 39th Ward, leaving behind a trail of destruction in its wake. In response, crews have been working around the clock to help bring relief to those communities that experienced the worst damage. As of this morning, I can provide you with the following update:


  • All arterial and neighborhood streets that were impassable as a result of fallen trees and downed power lines have now been cleared. 
  • Electrical service has been restored to the vast majority of residents and businesses in the ward.
  • Hundreds of tree emergencies (limbs & branches dangling over the public way and/or obstructing access to public sidewalks) have been addressed.
  • All the traffic signals which were impacted by power outages are now functioning appropriately.
  • Refuse collection has proceeded without interruption.
Make no mistake, every available resource will remain in the 39th Ward until the recovery process is completed. Our top priority is to resolve all remaining tree emergencies.

While significant progress has been made, I need your assistance in identifying any storm-related issues which may have gone unreported.


This includes large limbs or branches that are dangling over the public way, sidewalks which remain impassable, and any wires or electrical lines that present a danger to the public.

While the immediate focus is on addressing these types of issues, I want you to know that all available heavy equipment from the Department of Streets and Sanitation and the Bureau of Forestry will remain in the 39th Ward until every single piece of tree debris is collected.


I am also in regular communication with our partners in Cook County to ensure that they too are continuing to address the damage and subsequent debris that has accumulated along Forest Preserve property.


I want to praise all our city workers who have worked day and night to assist with the recovery, as well as all those constituents who have taken it upon themselves to assist a neighbor in need.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office at or(773) 736-5594 with any questions or concerns. 


Thank you,

Alderman Margaret Laurino