Project Updates

Peoples Gas // Intersections in the 39th Ward

The City would like to inform you about a new Peoples Gas Project coming to the ward involving several intersections in the ward



  • Anticipated start date: April 2017
  • Anticipated finish date: Mid-June 2017



  • Install approximately 245’ of 6” plastic low pressure gas main and 39’ of 16” steel low pressure gas main
  • Retire approximately 318’ of 6” cast iron low pressure gas main and 36’ of 16” cast iron low pressure gas main


Affected Areas: Work will be taking place in the street in the following intersections with some openings in either the parkway or sidewalk

  • Intersection of Nagle & Peterson
  • Intersection of Melvina & Peterson
  • Intersection of Holbrook & Milwaukee
  • Intersection of Melvina & Milwaukee


























KS Energy will be the contractor working on this project.


All restoration in the street will be completed by the Department of Sewer. All restoration outside of the street will be completed by PGL approximately 3 weeks after construction completion; anticipated restoration completion: mid-June.

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